Sunday, December 23, 2007

New blog! Messy house! What more do you want?

Good morning! I'm getting ready to do some dyeing, and knitting, and maybe actually putting some patterns away.

First, the exciting news, well exciting news from my point. This is shameless commerce, so you can skip if not interested. (although I find it very interesting!)
I've set up a new blog for sock club people. This way it's all in one spot, and non-knitters don't have to wade through knitting issues. I do think that you should learn how to knit, however.

All the info on my first sock club can now be found on

Do ya think that this yarnie stuff is a bit obsessive? Hubbo thinks so, but then applauds my efforts. Yay, Hubbo.

I'm still a bit sore from my gym foray. But at least my tush doesn't ache any more. There is NO dignity to a sore butt. None.

So what's with my messy house? Well here's the picture. You know how I told you that we have an archaeological dig in our garage? Well the house is also not exactly neat. Clean, but lovely piles of stuff all over the joint. DD #1 is coming over next week with her guy, whom we have yet not met. And apparently he's neat, poor soul. So she's been warning him that 1. we are not neat, and 2. we're a bit goofy. ok, a lot goofy.

So, now I feel compelled to put away my collection of sock patterns that is threatening to tip over on the coffee table. And put away the latest pile of new books. And clean up the dining room table. That alone is a tough thing to do. But then I think: we're actually doing her a favor by being messy. If he's very neat, he gets to be amazed at our stuff and feel rather superior to us. If he's a slob, he gets to look up to us. Either way, he wins. Not a bad rationalization if I say so myself.

If you celebrate Christmas, have a lovely one. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, may you feel joy. If you've celebrated Chanukah, yippee, you're done with the holiday stuff.
So I wish all of you peace and joy and happiness and good health and decent finances. Shalom aleichem (peace to you in Hebrew) to all of you.

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