Saturday, December 15, 2007

Miss P, the Count and Me

I'm back home after a really lovely family visit to Minneapolis. DD and SIL were great, and Miss P - well what can I say? 5 year olds are tons of fun.

Miss P used to call me Grandma Ruth, then that got shortened to Grandma, then Grammie, and now Gram. Say "Gram" in a whiny voice with a bit of wheedle in it. Then: "Gram, what should we play?" She loves to do crafts, so we did a lot of those, and then there's the dreaded "boys and girls" game.

She started "boys and girls" a couple of years ago. This is how it works: she gets to play all the girls and I get to play all the boys. When she first started this, the girls would always be sleeping, and the boys had to do all the talking. Now we are much more sophisticated and no longer call it that; now she calls it "let's play pretend". Same game, but at least now far more interesting. This time, the Count (from Sesame Street) landed in the boys' pile, so I did a lot of "Do you know why they call me the Count? Because I love to count. One little princess, ha, ha ha." All said in a fake Russian accent, which is how Dracula is always pictured. The truth is that Dracula comes from Transylvania, where they speak Romanian. The Mom comes from that region, but her part of Transylvania was Hungary before WWI, so she speaks with a Hungarian accent. What does this have to do with playing pretend? Nothing, but I thought I'd throw that little factoid in.

I got a lot of knitting done in Mpls: DD got a pair of socks out of "jeans", I started a pair for her from some Panda I had dyed up, and then I started a pair of socks from me. I'll post pics later on. I have to upload, download, and generally just load.

When I left the Cities this morning, it was 3 degrees. When I arrived in NJ, it was 41 degrees. Ah, the balmy weather of NJ. A fair bit of snow in Minneapolis, and practically nothing here. I think we're going to get a mess on Sunday.

This is not an exciting blog today at all. My ears are still clogged, and I'm tired, but I thought I'd check in in case you thought I had gone AWOL.

I did add some pretty yarns to my etsy site:

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