Saturday, December 1, 2007

I only listen to girl singers!

A Rosie story:

Three year old Rosie was in the CD department with her mom and brother, and they were all looking for some nice Christmas music. So Rose spots a Julie Andrews CD, and says to her mom: "Look, Mommy, there's the lady who sings Raindrops on Roses. Can I listen?"

So off she goes with CD to the listening station, and sits in bliss while Julie Andrews sings. Runs back to her mom and wants this CD, immediately! Nothing else will do. Mom picks up a James Taylor CD, and shows Rose, who turns up her nose at it. "Mommy, I only listen to girl singers!" So now they own Julie Andrews singing Christmas carols, and she's a girl singer.

We went on a field trip today. We drove to Millbrook, NY where we ate at this teeny little diner, which is some sort of tradition of ours, and then drove on Rte 44 to Millerton, home of Harney & Sons Teas. I'm a tea fiend, and I love Harney's teas, so this is always a treat for me. You do understand that I have over 26 caffeinated teas, and a bunch of herbals, particularly rooibos teas. So I don't "need" tea. But since when does need have anything to do with it? It's like yarn. Who needs more yarn? And that's why we yarnies have stashes up our wazoos.

Anyhow, back to Harney's. I bought "Boston" tea, whatever that is. I didn't taste it, but it smelled lovely. What I wanted to try out were the oolongs. I'm a black tea lover; I like strong teas, the kind a spoon will stand up in. I'm not fond of green teas, and whites put me to sleep. But I feel that I should expand my horizons, so oolongs are the next thing. I fell in love with a tea called "Da Hong Pao". Truly lovely, with a nice floral background and not wimpy at all.

We wandered around Millerton, did a tiny bit of antiquing, and had a grand time. One of the things we like about this trip is Rte 44. At one point, just past Amenia, there's a switchback, which can knock your socks off. This time I brought my camera, and as usual, missed my photography moment. The switchback sneaks up on you, and by the time it occurs, you're zooming around it. You'll just have to trust me; it's breathtaking.

Tomorrow I just might dye. Or not. We'll see.

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