Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mommie eats and other news.

Heigh-ho, Heigh -ho, I've dyed some yarny-o.

That's it, my creative juices have just been used up. Here they are: Chelsea, Painted Desert and Water Garden.

Momster stories: I had lunch with the Mommie today. She looks so good. Happiness is hiring Deborah to get her up, help her shower and dress and get her out to the dining room. Otherwise the Mommie would be in bed forever. And she's eating! She says she has no appetite, but, for her, she's eating a fair amount.

She should really use her hearing aids, but she forgets to put them it, forgets to take them out, the batteries die in a day, and that's that. For someone who doesn't hear all that well, she does very well. When I visit for lunch, I pitch my voice so that the other elderly folks at the table can hear me. Plus, I often have a long distance conversation with people at neighboring tables.

A sad thing, though. One of the residents, a 96 year old cantakerous gentleman died on Monday night. I really liked him. He was always asking the Mommie to run away with him. She turned him down on a daily basis, her excuse being that she would have to get up early to run away, and she wasn't having anything to do with that! I liked his brusque manner and sense of humor. He and other guys at his table always came over to say hi to the Mommie, and ask how she was doing. The Mommie loves that kind of attention. Who wouldn't?

I got my new Jacquard dyes today. Nobody needs so many dyes. Trust me. There are some serious dye snobs out there who proudly announce that they make all their colors from blue, red, and yellow. So? I've done that too. Me, I like to play, and all those colors are play time for me. I figure you know that they will appear in future yarns. Burgundy, Ochre. I have an ochre passion. Emerald, mostly because I'm tired of making this one. And a bunch of others. Be afraid. Be very afraid. The Yarnarian is in dyeing mode!

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