Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yarns and Odds

I promised you new yarns, and new yarns you shall see. I have been bitten by the love chicken and consequently am merrily dyeing love yarns. Hubbo is convinced that I've lost it.

I think that on my monitor they look rather blah, but it could be the light at this time of day. Anyhow, they are quite fetching, and I hope someone fetches them. By the way, the etsy ones are photographed in original form, the ones right here are in reskeined form.

Yesterday I had lunch with my work buddy, who retired June 1. It was fun to compare notes about families, retirement, etc. Her Honey is also retired and has a regular gig at a local funeral home. He fetches bodies, acts as a pall bearer, looks solemn, etc. He's the nicest guy around (except for Hubbo), and does "kind" very well. I can just picture him directing folks to various rooms: Standing straight, hands folded in front. You get the picture.

Yarn dyeing business. My so-called hobby business has moved into the tiny regular business mode. People seem to like my yarns and are buying them. I thought of advertising on Ravelry, but I don't think I could handle a lot more business at the time. Not that an ad would bring me lots more business, well I don't know. But I'm happily dyeing at a rate that I like. Between dyeing for Etsy, my sock club, and writing patterns, I'm a pretty busy woman. Which I like. I might even investigate selling at a craft fair or festival if the rates were reasonable. But that's a lot of dyeing. Actually, it's not the dyeing that takes long. That's the best part. It's cooking the yarns to set the colors. This is a pain in the ass, but necessary.

Supper: Baked ziti my style. I make a bechamel sauce (white sauce with a fancy name) with no salt (yeah, that sodium stuff). Cook the ziti, mix them with spaghetti sauce, and layer them. Ziti, bechamel, a bit of grated cheese (that's where the salt is), etc. I top with bread crumbs that I've mixed with Italian herbs, and then on the very top, a layer of grated cheese. It's so good, and so easy to make, and I have a thing for it.

Bev: Dinner was great! And guess what I discovered? I use a microplane to grate my cheese. So I get these delicate fluffy cheese fluffs. I scattered that on top of the casserole, and when it was done, some of those cheese thingies became very light and delicate cheese chips That's the only way I can describe it.

Here's what I can do with this: grate the cheese into little circles on top of parchment paper and bake. Then peal off. Holey moley!

Creative: What? Hey, you are the famous one. The awesome photographer, roving dyer, and yarn dyer. Are you kidding? Me, I'm just a humble (pff! snort) refreshing librarian freed from the Reference Desk.

Christine: Uh oh, the pressure is on. I'm starting to dye tomorrow. And I may just dye up one for me. I wonder how many skeins TLE dyers have to produce. Scary thought!


Anonymous said...

Your stuff is absolutely beautiful. Maybe I'll be as famous as you one day enough for you to write a pattern for my yarn. lol!!!!

Bev said...

Love the new yarns and supper sound yummy.

Christine said...

I can't wait to get your yarn from the Sock Club. Maybe one day, I can say that I'm a CHARTER member of the PennyRose Sock Club or when your yarn is like Wollemeise at TLE!!


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