Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Yarns and Odds

A quickie because I have to go to the gym.

I finally decided what to do with that pretty pink, green and white yarn. I've made a variation of my Roundabout Socks and I really like this new pattern. No name yet, but if you have an idea (other than Roundabout Variations) let me know. I'm thinking of Stop and Go". Because you stop the pattern and then you go and reverse it. OK, it's dumb.

Isn't this a nice pattern? When you have stripey yarn, this is a natural way to go. Also good for yarns with lots of colors.

That's it, the whole 9 yards (of yarn, of course)

PS I went to the gym. Can't you tell? I am mighty and powerful.

Mamamay - I answered you on Ravelry.

1 comment:

MamaMay said...

Very pretty!

Just out of curiosity, how did you decide to start selling your yarns?


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