Sunday, February 10, 2008

Yarns and Odds

We had such a nice day yesterday. We didn't do much of anything but it was so pleasant. Hubbo is a thrift shop junkie, so we went to an upscale one in Morristown, where we bought 1 paperback cookbook to replace my falling-apart one for the grand price of 10 cents! Big spenders.

Then off to Barnes and Noble to buy Interweave knits and some paperback fantasy/vampire books for moi. My reading tastes are odd. I tend to like fantasy, mystery, some historical fiction, and Jane Austen. But the books have to be well-written. Badly written anything does not please me. The only time I read trash is when we're on vacation at the Cape. Then trash is what's on.

Lunch out and then home. Told you; it was a nothing day, but pleasant.

Yarnie stuff:

My new sock is coming along very nicely. I've changed the pattern on the instep just for the fun of it.

I dyed up 6 skeins today. You'll get to see them probably tomorrow. My favorite one of the bunch is Cherry Blossoms. It talks to me.

1 comment:

Emily said...

That sock is looking really good. And you're right...knitting socks is totally addicting.


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