Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Yarnarian educates the masses, yet again. It's a tough job, but the Yarnarian is up to it!

Sharon, aka sockpuppet, started a Ravelry group called PennyRoses. I introduced Festooned Frippery to the group this afternoon. Like they don't have enough to knit, but a little tease is always fun.

Anyhow, there has been a bit of a discussion about the words "Festooned Frippery", and I though I would share this with you. It is, after all, a mission of the Yarnarian to educated the unwashed masses in order to enlighten them and bring them fulfillment.

Carolyn the llama mama, posed the following query: "Okay. Fripp as a verb… Ms. Librarian… define that word!!"

The Yarnarian answered: "You know, fripp! As in “my festoon fripps. I fripp, you fripp, he, she, it fripps. Fripptoe froo the frootloops. Laughing and fripping.

As Shakespeare said: “Dost thou not fripp?” “To fripp or not to fripp, that is the question.”

And then Sockpuppet answered: "Festooning – is that anything like tp’ing things on Halloween?"

Llama mama: "Methinks he flips fritters, flapjacks and other foodstuffs if he doesn’t get a fair tip."

The Yarnarian, in an effort to put things on a higher plane, responded: "To festoon is to decorate. I festoon, therefore I am. Some people fripp while they are festooning; they are called fripped festooners. Others festoon while they fripp; those folks are called festooned frippers.

Then, in a category all to themselves, are those folks who are a bit tipsy. They are called fried fripped festooners. In some parts of the country, they are referred to as festooned fripp fries."

SP has just answered again: "Oh, you have been in West Hollywood at Halloween. There is more festooning and fripping (not to mention the fried fripping) here than you would believe. The festooned frippers parade up and down the festooned streets (which are no competition to the festooned individuals). I mean these folks give new meanings to the words and I feel certain that fripping probably was invented here (or maybe San Francisco)."

The Yarnarian feels that this topic is too important to be left to our little Ravelry group; these matters deserve world-wide attention.

Linda - Your husband could be right. Weeds are fripping things, except to other weeds. Then they are festooned with frippery. 'tis a frippery, slippery frope we climb on.

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Linda said...

Well, I thought I commented on this, but said comment seems to have festooned itself with invisibility, fripping off to some cyber cafe and leaving me feeling abandoned and deserted. But, I am willing to try again with my simple observation that the use of "fripp" as a verb somehow makes clear to me the notion of "fripping" through the tulips as opposed to "those frippin' weeds," the latter being a comment uttered frequently by DH while working in the yard. There, I've said it and I'll try again to post it.


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