Monday, April 7, 2008

The Yarnarian Loves Yarns!

Laminaria is coming along quite nicely. I love the Estonian pattern, and there are no NUPPS! What's a nupp? Sigh. It sort of a bobble except it's a lace bobble, and I truly hate making them. They look wonderful, but they drive me crazy. But this cutie patootie of a shawl has no nupps.

I'm following a Raveler's advice and doing k3tog on one side and sssk on the other to balance it off. It seems to look fine to me, so I'll keep doing it. The Kona (have I told you that I love the Kona? How many times have I told you already?). That Kona is delicious and I think this shawl will be super snuggly and soft.

This skinny 2-ply yarn blooms as I knit with it. I'm using a #5 super sharp lace needle (thank you, BF), and it is just the sharpest #5 I've ever used. I'm a convert as of right now. Give me them thar lace needles.

Clearly I'm going to dye up these yarns and sell them; Everyone should try this yarn out. I told you that a lot of sock knitters don't like the yarn because of its skinnyness and splittyness, but it hasn't once split on me since I started this shawl. Maybe the answer is to use it for something else.

Are you getting tired of my Kona frenzy? OK, got it, I'll just show you a little picture and then I'll shut up about it. At least for today. Nasty smirk.

What else is going on: a pic of Festooned Frippery. It's longer on the foot than it looks, about an inch from the toe decrease.

And look what came in the mail today! Tess superwash laceweight yarn. The colored ones are for Sock Madness 2, even though I'm out of the running. The blanks are for me to dye up. I had forgotten that I ordered this, and here it arrived. Nice treat, no?

Hubbo and I are recovering from our colds. Isn't it amazing how a little cold can make you feel so punk! Well, you know, it could be much much worse. So we're done grousing about it. Which is a relief because we were carrying on as if this were the worst thing that could happen to a person. Enough histrionics!

I dyed this morning, so with a little bit of luck, and the skeins dry, you'll get more pics tomorrow.

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