Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Lace Yarns Are Here!

Yup. They finally dried. And I've just put them up on Etsy. I'm calling them "Laces" for obvious reasons. I hope to try out a few different kinds of lace yarns to see which ones people prefer.

The first two are called Violets and Sea Spray. 80% Alpaca/ 20% Silk! You cannot imagine how lovely this yarn is. Soft and silky! I just want to pat it, it's so lovely.

These are pricey yarns for me to buy, so they are not cheap, but they are affordable at $30/skein. And with 860 yards, it can take you a lot longer to knit than a pair of socks.

The Yarnarian is ecstatic over this yarn. Sigh! Maybe I should keep it all for me. Bad, greedy Yarnarian!

KV - Not a vritti in sight here! Sea Spray sold in 10 minutes! I think it's a popular color this year. I love the way the yarn takes the dye, so muted and soft!

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