Friday, April 25, 2008

The Yarnarian Knits Lace!

She does. And she is getting her lace mojo back! After frogging various patterns with different size needles, she now has the center of her lace scarf underway. The middle of the scarf is using a Ploughed Acre pattern in mulitples of 10. When it gets long enough, I'll pick up stitches on the long side and put in a pretty border. And then repeat for the other side. I'm using my alpaca/silk yarn in a sea green colorway. Here's a picture:

I've frogged that bloody sock at least 8 times and got disgusted with it. So I switched yarn to one that DD#2 had dyed while she was here, and changed pattern, and now I'm a happy camper. Here are pics of the beginning of it.

I don't yet know how I'm going to vary it, maybe reverse it at the halfway point of the leg. I love to play with patterns; it keeps my interest in the second sock.

That's all the excitement around here. No excitement is good!

Bev - I found the pattern on the sock in a Japanese stitch dictionary. It's so easy to do, and I like the way it works with variegated yarn. i have some plans to play with it on the sock. I might do that this weekend in between visiting family in MA.

Jen and KV - I did some more on the scarf this weekend, but only a little more. I find it hard to knit lace in a moving car. I did do a lot on the sock, though, reversed the pattern which turned out to be much trickier that I expected. I'll post pictures tomorrow.


Bev said...

Love the sock is the pattern an original from you.

Jen said...

Love the yarn! Love the lace! Love it all. :)

kv said...

looking forward to seeing that lace scarf grow!

Darcie said...

Love the sock pattern and the yarn!
And the lace is pretty nice also.


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