Friday, April 11, 2008

Bags, Yarns and Shawls

Lots of pics today. First of all, take a look at my new knitting bag. It's made by a lovely lady on Etsy: Quiltville. Is this cute or what? 2 pockets on the outside, each with a little magnetic shap, pockets on the inside, and lightweight.

Here's a pic of my new lace yarn, a combo of alpaca and silk. It's still damp, but I couldn't wait to photograph it, so here it is. About 850+ yards, and so so soft! Pricey yarn, so I'll have to charge more than my usual $18. I'm thinking about $25/skein. I need to make a little profit so that I can buy more of the stuff. In case your monitor is off, the colors are sea green with a bit of turquoise tossed in. Very subtle, and should work exceptionally well with lace.

And here's the progress on my Laminaria shawl. I am loving knitting this; it's easy and unusual. This is the Kona fingering weight yarn. I think this will be one cuddly, delicious lacy shawl.

Price update on alpaca/silk yarn: $30/850+yard skein. I talked it over with my dyeing buddies on Ravelry, and the feeling was that $30 was the right amount to charge. So that's where I'm going. So far I only have the one skein dyed, but I'll let you know ahead of time before i etsy it.

Knittyvritti and Sharon - Thank you. I like the yarn too. I better like it because I'm the one dyeing it! The Laminaria shawls is just a lot of fun to knit. Try it out.


knittyvritti said...

the new yarn is beautiful...and that is a cute bag, perfect for spring.

Sharon said...

Love the bag, knittyvritti, is right it is very springy.

The lace yarn is just beautiful and I think that $25.00 is a very fair price. I mean, look at the yardage. I know I will be ordering some one of these days. Maybe when I have finished some more socks. :)

I have that shawl in my TBK list. I am glad you are enjoying making it. It is sure looking lovely.


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