Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Festooned Frippery!

She's done. Well, the first one is done. Poor Festooned Frippery has to wait for the next sock to get knitted to be a pair. Life is tough. Here she is.
Can you see how she festoons and fripps?

Some purty new yarns are dry. The newly-listed ones are over on the right under the Etsy column. Here's what is not yet up for sale (unless you have a yen. If you want one, let me know and I'll put it aside.)

Leaf Green, Hot Shot, and Tree Fairy

Do you think I'm on a green binge?

I have to get my house in order; the Minnesota Neatnicks are coming. They quite despair of us. Eh, it gives them something to kvetch about, and a way to feel very superior to their slobby folks. See, it's a good deed being sloppy!

Emily - Did you buy your box of matzos?

Linda - you can just paypal me for the thing. Use my email addy over on the right at the top. $22.60, including the ever-popular priority shipping.

Mette - So far I have not cleaned a thing.

Barb - Thanks. I like the yarn, too. If no one buys it, I might be forced to keep it for myself. ;-)


Emily said...

The sock looks great and the new yarns are SO pretty!

Linda said...

The middle one. I WANT the middle one. Please, put it aside for me. Or send it wet. I'm a dyer - I have great dyeing racks and things dry quite quickly in the warm California sun. (Hmmm, a tune just popped into my head. Yuk, isn't that the Beach Boys?)Do I just go over to Etsy and pay?

Anonymous said...

The Festoon is pretty!! Wow, you reminded me I should get my appartment cleaned up too, but right now I was a bit busy reading your blog ;)

Melissa said...

The sock is beautiful!

Barb said...

pretty sock :) LOVE the tree fairy yarn sooo pretty :)


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