Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Yarnarian Says: "Oh, Piffle!"

Forget about the computer time; I give up. Die Lorelei calls me all the time and I'm helpless. What a siren she is.

Honey, if you're reading this, I've named the 'puter, die Lorelei. Just thought I'd let you know.

I'm just about done dyeing the Kona yarn. I have 18 skeins done, and I want to do 2 more. I don't want to get too crazy here, because if they don't sell for the KAL, then I have a lot of Kona! And it's pretty pricey for me to buy. When it all becomes official, I'll see how it goes. I can always get more yarn and dye it, and the KAL isn't scheduled to start until maybe the end of June. I'll keep you posted when it all comes about.

Here are the latest Kona skeins. Seafoam, Rosebud, Ribbon, and Hush.

Newest sock yarns are already listed on Etsy, over on the right. These are "Rose" yarns, a bit thinner than the Penny yarn. The supplier changed the base; it was a silky yarn, very similar to Knit Picks superwash merino/nylon sock yarn. Not any more. the silkiness is gone, but it's still a lovely yarn and I like it a lot. It comes already skeined up in a small skein, so it doesn't pay for me to reskein it.

Mommie news: I saw the Mommie yesterday and she is in fine fettle. There's a word - fettle! I need a sock design with that word in the title. Anyhow, the momster is doing just fine. She is so quick and so witty, and she never remembers what she ate for lunch not 1/2 hour ago. It's become a joke between us.

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Emily said...

Glad the mommie is doing fine.

What KAL are you talking about?


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