Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Yarnarian Fails Miserably!

She tried, she really tried to stay off the computer. Hah! Every time I walk by it, it gives out its siren call: Come to me, waste time here. I'm going to call the computer "die Lorelei".

So here are some more Kona yarns that I dyed on Monday. Cantaloupe, Fuschia, Honey, and Waterlily.

I want you to see the view from my bedroom window when I wake up in the morning:

I bunny... - I can see this from my bed. Year around it's so pretty.

Carolyn and Bev - I failed miserably in my non-computing resolve. I can't stay away; I need an intervention.


Ibunnysavetroy said...

aww, leaves. i love leaves...i'm jealous you get to wake up to that!

Carolyn said...

Faint and swoon - to think the invincible Yarnarian has feet of clay in those lovely socks.
Don't feel bad... you are not alone. The computer definitely is a hard habit to break.

Wow, your trees are really far along for NJ!! Congratulations.

Bev said...

Ruth love the veiw from your bedroom window and your new yarns great colors. Good luck keeping off the computer it is hard to do.


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