Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Yarnarian is Home!

It was a great vacation! Hubbo had much thrift shop visiting, I checked out my usual 3 knitting shops and bought a couple of shawl patterns, we ate way too much, played scrabble, walked down to the beach just about every evening.

Here's where we stayed, and here's me looking at Nantucket Sound.

Knitting news: I did the first sock of 3 prs of socks and started a fourth pair. Now I have to do the second ones, and remember what I did. Good thing I took notes. No pics because these are spoilers.

And now I have to catch up on everything! Hubbo is picking up the mail today, so you can imagine what that's going to be like. Arrgh.

And here's the best part of vacation: I get to post pictures forever. I actually took pics of the great outdoors. Digital photography is so neat!

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Holly said...

Pictures - want pictures (grin)


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