Friday, June 27, 2008

The Yarnarian knits again!

I'm into serious knitting groove again. I have been plodding along, and all of a sudden, I want to knit, knit, knit!

So, here are some pics of a sock I finished a couple of days ago. Now I have to do the second one.

If you want all the info on the upcoming sock club (and you do want it, no?), read the previous blog entry.

Christine - Yup, it's hot off the needles. Now I have to knit the second sock. I did this neat short row heel on it that I learned from Sock Wizard 2. The little fake cable goes right down to the bottom of the heel. It's going to be worn with clogs, so doesn't need that heel back reinforcement. The yarn is a merino/bamboo/nylon combo and so gorgeous to work with and feel. Like silk but way cheaper. I'm in love with this yarn.

Carolyn - you're not in a weaving mode, are you?

Chris - Isn't that pic a hoot? I don't remember where I borrowed it from, but I giggle at it all the time. Thanks for liking my sock.

Carolyn - You bad thing, the Meme waits for tomorrow, It takes a lot of thought. snort!

Ria - I know it's hard. I do have some nice freebies on Ravelry. You could always download those.

K V - I have been so busy that the blogging has kind of taken last place. I missed doing it, so now I hope I'm back on track. Gloves!!! You are amazing. All those digits!


Carolyn said...

Love the pattern!! It reminds me of the frame of a Schacht spinning wheel!!

Christine said...

I love this pattern as well! I saw your post a couple of days ago on Ravelry, but haven't checked your projects. Is this a new pattern?

Carolyn said...

Hi Ruth, consider yourself tagged for the meme! Thanks for joining in.

Chris said...

No it won't kill me to comment. LOL I love the socks

Ria said...

Wow! all your socks and yarn look so great! I wish I could swing 85 for the fall, but I may buy a pattern and yarn for one pair this fall

ria (tonyfan20 on ravelry)

kv said...

great sock!!! and i see that i have been tagged! welcome back to knittingland.

Adee said...

that pattern is just gorgeous and the yarn is perfect for it. I hope you are going to sell this pattern seperately please!


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