Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Yarnarian is Back.

And she and the Hubbo had a most wonderful vacation! We started off in Bennington, VT, then to Manchester, VT, and then to New Hampshire! Keene, NH, Peterborough, NH, and, ta da, Harrisville, NH!

Bennington is a sweet college town. We stayed in the most amazing B&B mansion, replete with woodwork and plaster work you would die for! And the worst bed in creation. Amazing breakfasts, and terrible light at night so I couldn't knit or read.

And along the main drag and some of the side streets there are these charming statues. Here are some to admire:

Went to Manchester along all those gorgeous VT roads. No pics because I was too busy admiring the scenery to take a pic. Anyhow, you can see those in any wonderful book about Vermont.

Then we went across the border to Keene, NH. And I'm in love with that little city. It's a college town and so people-friendly! Drivers actually stop at crosswalks and smile at you. In NJ, they might stop but they'd be glaring, and in NY, forget it. You'd be part of the pavement immediately.

We were in the exact opposite little B&B: very simple with a continental breakfast, plain Jane architecture, etc. And it was so cosy and comfy. We walked everywhere because we were on Main Street about 2-3 blocks from the beginning of downtown. Such fun for urbany folks like us. Great library!!!!! I could move there in an instant except that I don't want those winters. I think we like it so much because it reminds us of home. (There are 3 colleges within walking distance of where we live).

On the way to Keene, we stopped at a little village called Harrisville. Yarnies, does this ring a little bell? Yup, THE Harrisville, home of stunning yarns made by them. So of course, I had to buy a bit of their Shetland. No, it's not the real Shetland but it comes very close, and anyhow I liked working on it in my Fair Isle knitting days. And since fall is very close, I indulged in autumnal colors!

Warning, this is a drool moment. Get your towel ready:

We went to Peterborough, an artsy town about 1/2 hour away and enjoyed it too.

We loved New Hampshire so much that I think we'll spend a lot of time exploring it. It's very convenient for us, too. We can stop at the kids and grands and have fun with them, and then it's an easy trip to my MIL and BIL and family.

Bags, bags and more bags: A neat new tote for moi (that's the first bag), and some cute project bags. The best time to buy project bags seems to be sale time in summer because you can find really cute ones for very little money.

Other purchases: a fun pattern. Yeah, I know, these things have been around for a while, and I've always resisted buying the patterns, but this time I got to try it on and it looks very good on moi.

And a new bamboo needle. I don't like bamboo needles, but here these were, and I had bought a Noro knock-off yarn at a shop in Manchester and wanted to knit it and had no larger needles with me. So I bought it, and it is really a wonderful needle. Inexpensive, too. Forget Clover, these are great. Judy, you need to get these!

Bev - Aren't those colors gorgeous? So you know where this is taking me: I'm now officially in my autumn dyeing mode. I was moving there, but now I'm on target. I took one look at those colors and went into overdrive.

Carolyn - They are almost too pretty to use. I bought them with the idea of a fairlsle something or other. But they'd look pretty on a simple garter shawl too. Or how about a mitered vest?

Sharon - They also had the most beautiful purple yarns!


Bev said...

Need to get me a new drool towel after those pics. Love the yarn, the KIP bags make me want more. Sounds like you had a great vacation.

Sharon said...

The yarns are beautiful. I want every single color. Just beautiful.''

Cute bags. Now you have to start more projects to fill them.

Grace Yaskovic said...

what wonderful goodies!!!

Lilacs 4 Angels said...

I bought some of those needles while on vacation and really like them also. Love the yarn!...Glad you had a wonderful time.


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