Monday, August 4, 2008

The Yarnarian Spreads the Joy! Fibers for Spinning!

"Ah," you ask, "the joy of what?" Wonderful etsy sites for dyers of fiber for spinning! I don't spin, although I'm so tempted to try, but I love looking at all these beautiful fibers that these magical dyers create. I just want to buy them and plop them on every available horizontal surface. (The poor Hubbo would lose his mind if I did that!)

So, in the interest of a bit of enabling and some serious eye candy, here are some wonderful dyers. I know I'm leaving people out. Not on purpose, just forgetfulness. So if I don't list you, email me and I'll put your goodies on another blog listing. Go check out their sites and carry a towel with you because you're going to drool all over your keyboard!

Here's Zarzuela, brand new to Etsy, and a wonderful dyer and the woman behind the Summer of Socks. Is this gorgeous or what!

Also check out Yarn or a Tale's blog. More serious fiber drool.

Then there's Dianne of Creatively Dyed. She does a lot of shows, so if there's nothing listed, stay tuned. She'll be back with more goodies!

I'm in awe of these dyers. They are seriously amazing artists and very, very lovely people.

Jessica - My you sell out your entire shop and then have to dye up more!

Sharon - You know we'll have to learn how to spin!


Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and the shop plug! Much appreciated!!

Sharon said...

OMG It is almost enough to make me take up spinning. Good thing I really don't have the room.


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