Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Yarnarian Learns the Definition of "Old".

I was visiting the Mommie yesterday and she asked me when she was going to be 94. I told her it would be in early November. So then she said: I'm getting old."
"What do you mean, old?", I said, "You are already there." "Nope, old is 99. I have a few more years to go."

That left me pretty much speechless. "So what does that make me?" "Oh, Honey, you're just a child."

You heard it, directly from the mouth of a "getting old" almost 94 year old woman. The definition of "old" is 99!

Knitting news: I'm working on 1 scarf, a vest, 5 prs of socks, all of which have the first one knitted, and a lace shawl I started last Saturday. The last is from the book by Evelyn Clark: Knitting lace triangles. I saw this stunning shawl on Ravelry, and I had to do a variation on it. This is the shawl by the Knitting Doctor, and I'm in love with it. So, Saturday I cast on for it, frogged it 4 times, and was happy the fifth time. And this is all I've done. But at least you can see the color.

Carolyn - If I'm a child, what does that make my grandchildren? The book gives 4 lace patterns and tells you how to transition from one to the other and then gives you a border. It's nicely laid out. Truth to tell, I really didn't need it because I've been doing this a long time, but it's nice not to always re-invent the wheel, and anyhow, her patterns are lovely. If you're an experience lace knitter, you don't need it, but on the other hand, it's really a nice book. Take a look at my link above to the Knitting Doctor, and you'll see why I like the book.

Ria - That's a cute story.

Jean - When I have lunch with the Mommie, who lives in a senior residence, I really do feel like a youngster. The fist time I visited, all I could see was how old everyone was; now they look just like ordinary folks to me.
Thank goodness the metro New York area is not a youth-oriented culture.

Sharon - The Mommie is called "your Highness" where she lives. She gives them the Queen Elizabeth wave.

KV - She certainly is a character. Tough, gives nothing away, never loses an argument. She is THE Mommie!

KnitNana - I hope we make it to that age and are still as tough as our mommies!

To all you lovely responders: aren't Mommies wonderful?


Anonymous said...

That "Knitting Lace Triangles" book seems to be cropping up more and more in my blog reading. A sign I should check it out?!?!?

Hey, you youngster, want to meet me on the playground?

Ria said...

My great-grandfather's best friend was a year older. My G-grandpa died at 104, his friend 2 years earlier at age 103. I remember him saying he would always be young as long as John was older! And yes he acted like he believed that.

Ria said...

Sorry that last post was from

Ria (tonyfan20 on Ravelry)

Jean said...

I shall treasure this story that you shared, it actually makes me feel quite young, California is such a youth oriented environment, anything over 25 is probably over the hill), tear anything old down and replace it with something new & better (just being a bit sarcastic). 50 is the new 21 (at least that's how I figure it).

Sharon said...

I love your mommie.

I feel younger just reading this.

kv said...

I feel so young now! And the color of that shawl is gorgeous!.

KnitNana said...

What a terrific attitude! My mom told me that at 80 she wanted to hang glide off a nearby mountain top. When she got to 80...she decided that was too young to try it, she'd wait till she was 90!

Lorette said...

Thanks for the compliment on my shawl! I LOVE the color yarn you are using.
And I love your "old" story. When my mom was in her 70's she'd gotten quite debilitated and with some dementia, so we never quite knew when she was following us in the conversation, and she mostly just garbled her speech. My sister and I were talking about her age and mentioned that she was 78. She got this totally horrified look on her face and said very clearly, "No, not THAT old!". It's nice to know old doesn't happen till you're 99.


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