Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Yarnarian Lives in the Moment.

Things are slow in the Etsy shop; everyone is on vacation, too hot to knit, etc. So, the Yarnarian has been busy with lots of other things.

Just about all the yarn for the sotm has been dyed, and all the other details are falling into place. I now have bags of pretty yarn hiding out in a closet. Here's a pic of some more dyed skeins. These are a bit brighter than the others because that's where I was that day.

Yeah yeah yeah. But the Yarnarian doesn't sit in one place and stare at the walls. Not this Yarnarian!

So, here's what's on the needles:

a vest, picture of which is below in some post. k2,p2 for 7", decrease and work k1,p1 for 17" and so on. True auto-pilot knitting. And in worsted, for heaven's sake and size 7 needles. I have ta tell ya that this is mindless knitting and quite pleasant. Great for watching the Olympics. I'd love to finish it by Sept.1, but we'll see.

yet another mitered little scarf, this one done in STR lightweight bought a couple of years ago. I made a pr of socks out of the yarn and found them too heavy, but I loved doing scarves out of them, so here I go again. This is also auto-pilot knitting, perfect for the car and in restaurants. Yup, I KIP!

And of course the never-ending socks in progress; that goes without saying.

Dyeing: I have been thinking about knitting lace shawls again. I'm into it in a big way, so yesterday I dyed up 2 skeins of Zephyr for moi. It was a good way to practice how I want to dye up this yarn for another KAL Mystery Shawl coming up later this year. I'll probably dye those skeins a bit lighter, but I need to check with the designer. Anyhow, I now have my technique in place and 2 lovely skeins all for me as a reward: Pics are not really on target; my camera wants to make the yarns lighter. In the second picture, you get to see my neat yarn swift in action.

So that's what going on here. Not much, but I'm in a "retired lady" phase, so it's good to futz around and knit and read and go to lunch. The Hubbo is riding Rescue Squad all day today, so I am going to do nothing at all except go to the Stitching Bee, my favorite LYS owned by Judy, and buy a skein of superwash worsted in any shade of green for a surprise for a friend. The library to pick up a couple of holds, and that's it!

And after all that doing nothing, by next week I'll be so revved to dye again. The question is what to dye.

Oh, I forgot something actually interesting: 4 of us on the PennyRoses forum on Ravelry (thank you, Sharon, for starting and moderating it) have started to exercise and cheer ourselves on. So,Friday, we all did our thing, and the Yarnarian actually went to the gym, and now has a sore butt and upper arms. A very nice feeling indeed. I hope we can keep the mojo up! If any dear readers want to join us, and are on Ravelry, go join the forum, say hello, and walk or work out with us. Very nice folks in that group, and we don't sit around and talk about yarn and patterns. Off-topic is the way to go.

That's it; long and boring post, but sometimes that's the way to live. I believe it's called Living in the Moment.

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