Monday, November 3, 2008

Mystery Sock - Second Clue

Ta Da! Here's the second clue!

Chart posted is now the correct one.
That'll teach me to post charts at 2 AM. Thank you, Mizannie, for pointing it out to me.

Leg: Begin the leg and work in pattern. The leg has 2 parts to it, so stop when you get to the end of the chart!

Written instructions:

Mizannieknits pointed out to me that there is a mistake on the beginning of the chart. It's now fixed, I hope. Mizannie is the most awesome stitch lady going. Go buy her books! She's brilliant. You can get them here. Look under Annie Maloney. This is a brilliant mind at work here, and a very nice lady to boot!

To get a chart that you can actually read instead of this teensy weensy one, click on it, and then print it.

Ria - Nah, don't get scared. It's a fun sock and I've broken it down in stages. You might want to make a decision next week, but you don't have to.
Remember, it's your sock.


Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Can't wait to get started, Ruth! By the way, I wrote about you (and the sock - including photos!) at my blog today ~ you can see it at

I posted to the Ravelry forum, too.

Linda said...

This is so much fun. Like being on a scavenger hunt. Plus, I'm finally figuring out Ravelry. Ahhhhhh, treasures abound! ;D

Lily Lang said...

I'm a seasoned knitter, but relatively new on the computer. How do I enlarge the graph or written text to a readable size?


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