Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Yarnarian Spins!

OK, she attempts to spin. Nope, I actually produced yarn. Blubby, thick-and-thin yarn, yarn I would never knit with because I like skinny yarns, but it really is yarn.

I took a 4 hour spinning class from "dragonflyducky", as she is known on Ravelry. So patient and nice and didn't howl with laughter. I have to take another class or two with her; clearly this is not a one-class activity for me.

She teaches on a Louet spinning wheel. Man, getting the foot to pedal in the right direction, drafting the yarn, adding new yarn - I'm basically klutzy, so this is a challenge for me. But I made yarn. Whoo hoo!

OK, sit down, stop drinking tea because you're going to snort it all over the keyboard, but here is my first attempt at spinning.

Look Ma, yarn!

And to reward myself for all my arduous labor, I went off to Coldwater Creek armed with a $30 off $100 coupon, and bought a pair of velvet pants to wear to a dinner dance, and a cute black fleecy pullover. And between the two of them and my coupon, I only spent $79.

I'm exhausted; I need to knit! Tee hee! I made yarn! I need to find a local spinning group!

Don't forget to vote in my yarn poll; I need feedback here.

moiraeknittoo - No, I don't own a wheel yet. I can practice on the wheel at the store for about $10/hour, which is very pricey, but may not be a bad solution. I have to explore other wheels too. Maybe go down to the Spinnery and check out what they have. I want to wait a bit until I buy, because what if I decided that this is not my thing. It was fun though. and I made Yarn!!

Carolyn - I had real doubts, but you told me I could, and I always believe you.

MaryAnn - I'm still pooped. All that tension that built up in my body has been slowly releasing. I'm not "energized" any more. BTW, I really do not like to knit on singles. And I'm not dyeing roving!

Skepweaver - I practiced treadling and practiced and practiced. It was so hard for me to get the wheel to go right. OK, so we finished spinning and then had to ply. So guess what, it was now OK to go left. Uh huh! Now the bloody wheel just wanted to go right. My yarn is a combo of S and Z spins. Told ya I made art yarn!

KV - Nah, I want a goat. They are such charming critters. Sheep are dumb.

Jen - My "yarn" is kinda cute in a clunky sort of way! ;-)

Sharon - I don't know if this shop sells wheels, but Judy can easily get me a Louet wheel if I want.


moiraeknittoo said...

I think it's lovely! And definitely keep you go on, you may find that it's difficult to purposefully make a thick/thin/slubby fabulous like this one. Do you have a wheel?

Carolyn said...

Brava!!! That is an excellent first yarn. I knew you could. :)

Anonymous said...

Listen, sweetie, there is nothing to laugh at there. It's a soft yarn, which is way and above what most new spinners turn out. Mine? I could have safely jumped from a bridge on it. And, though _you_ might not want to knit with it, you will note that folks pay a big premium for such yarns at the shops. So, there.

Just a hint: if you can spend some time just running the treadle without the drive band attached, you'll improve vastly in a half hour or so. Learn to go fast, go slow, go forward, go backward. Above all, oh, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Babes are a nice way to go if you are short on money, I have one because of Lee, I have to keep it behind the kitchen table when I am not spinning.

But you did good for the first time, after my first lesson on a wheel, I feel like I had been swimming for hours.

Keep it up, and soon we will see dyed roving for sell. ;)


Anonymous said...

Treasure that yarn, darlin'. You'll never spin your first yarn again.


kv said...

wow! how great to take up spinning. next is a cute little alpaca or two for the backyard!

happy t-giving.

Jen said...

I LOVE your yarn! It's very pretty!

Sharon said...

I think it looks great, especially for a first attempt. Actually, I think that this kind of yarn is great fun for some things.

Most places that sell wheels, I would think, would let you give each kind a try, how else would you know which you liked best.


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