Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Yarnarian Actually Finishes Her Gansey!!!

I hope you are impressed! I finally finished the fake gansey I started last December. It was not difficult to knit at all; I just kept getting sidetracked by other projects.

It's modeled on a traditional Eriskay gansey, but I've done those types of ganseys before, and didn't really want to do an underarm gusset or a shoulder strap. So the bottom of the sweater is in true gansey patterns, but the bodice uses Japanese patterns. The pic at the top of this post is pretty accurate in the color of the garment, and shows off the patterns pretty well. I need to get some pics of me modeling the thing, but the Hubbo takes terrible pics, and me taking a pic of me is an iffy affair.

Maybe the sweater mojo is coming back. I hope so; I could use some new sweaters; most of mine are 15-20 years old. Good wool never dies, and the sweaters are basic shapes so they don't really go out of style, but it is nice to have something new and pretty.

Yarn news: What's left (all 3 skeins) of my Monday dyeing moment are going to be listed now on Etsy. I like showing the yarns here first; they don't get lost in the wilds of indie dyer-dom on Etsy.

Dyeing thoughts:
I've noticed a desire for yarns with pinks lately. So for you pink lovers, I'm going to concentrate on that color. Naturally, there will be others too. One does not live buy dyeing pink alone. Har har, bad pun. This week's yarn will be something other than MCN. Maybe Bambi, or even better, Rachel yarn. The one with the lovely twist to it. I like this yarn very much. The stitch definition in it is wonderful. Now to convince you all to give it a try. Sigh. Maybe I'll do a Dragon Jewel or two in it as well as the pinks.

Mommie news: We had a wonderful time scarfing down the little cakes I bought for her. I bet she didn't eat supper either. We consumed enough calories for an entire day. So my sister called her last night to wish her happy birthday, and her first response after the thank-you was: Have you heard from Ruth lately? I think she forgot about the cake and visit. I spend a lot of my time with her reminding her of stuff she's forgotten. I do it in a very gentle way and always with love. "Hey, MOM, remember when Linda talked to you yesterday..." This way I can bring her up to date without making her feel bad.

itsJUSTme-wendy - Pinks and tans are a great combination! I'm glad you like my gansey.

KV - nakniswemodo would surely kill me. Still, it's a great idea. I started the gansey with that in mind. Hah!


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh my word! Its gorgeous! I AM impressed, even for you!

Yes! I love pinks (and lavender)! I did look on etsy but... it is just like - "I'll know it when I see it" you know what I mean?

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

OOO I just had a thought - pink and tan is really nice too. Just a thought, LOL

kv said...

beautiful! maybe nakniswemodo for you next year???


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