Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Yarnarian and YarnYenta Team Up!

This is a very long post with lots of pics. Enjoy it.

Here's my exciting news! I'm so revved for this.

YarnYenta and I have been chatting for a while about doing a sock club together, and yesterday we messaged back and forth and here's the result:

Flower Fairies Sock Club!

Is this neat or what! 3 months of charming sock designs and fairy yarns to make you a very happy camper. Everyone needs a little magic in her life, and we are going to give you a bit of it.

The particulars:

3 months: Feb, March, April (middle of the month, as usual)
3 brand new sock patterns designed by a wonderful sock designer
3 charming new colorways dyed my me

Yarns? I have a lot to choose from and have not decided yet, but you know that they are all lovely because I wouldn't knit on them if they were not.

Cost? $90 for everybody, USA, Canada, UK, and any other place possible. US shipments will mail out as Priority Mail, the UK and other places across the Pond will be sent as First Class International, Canada will also ship as First Class International. So, no extra charges for the basic package because you are not in the States.

Payment is done all at once, and not pay-as-you-go. I'll need payment by the end of January to make sure that I have enough to dye up the yarn.

Extra goodies? Nope. I don't like them, and don't send them, and anyhow, if it costs me to send them, then I have to add that cost to the club. We are a no-frills club, but we are sending you what counts: wonderful yarns and patterns!

Sign up: Any time from this blog and Etsy posting will follow next week. My routine here is for you to email me and then I invoice you. Etsy is self-explanatory.

Payment is done all at once, and not pay-as-you-go. I'll need payment by the end of January to make sure that I have enough time to dye up the yarn.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

So, is that not a treat? Now I have even more treats for you! New yarns. Really new yarns. They arrived last week after dyeing day, and yesterday I played with them.

First of all, I have a new Penny yarn. I'm replacing the old Penny yarn with this one because it is softer, has amazing yardage, and I don't have to wind up skeins from a cone! I've been looking for a replacement for quite a while, and now I've found it.

Penny yarn: 4 oz, approx 450+ yards. 75/25 superwash merino/nylon. This is a tad skinnier than the old Penny and softer and that yardage is amazing! The usual $20/skein.



Radames is much more vibrant than Aida. Well he's a guy and a general and she's just a poor ex-princess now a slave girl.

Pastel Rainbow.


AND my brand new Gina yarn: 50/50 SW merino/silk! This is so gorgeous. You don't even have to knit it. Just drape it around your neck and arrange artfully in a crystal bowl.

Gina yarn: 100g, approx 400 yards. 50/50 superwash merino/silk. Cost is $26.00, which is very reasonable for a luxury yarn, and this is really luxury. It is superwash, but I would hand-wash it. The pictures don't give you any idea on how soft and luxurious this is, and you can barely see that silken sheen. This yarn is a treat!

Metallic Silk

Midnight Silk

Silken Dew

Silken Mahogany

Silken Huntress

I need to keep one of the Gina yarns for me so that I can actually get to knit on it. Which one? I don't know. If you shark them, and one is left, I'll keep that one. I love them all and cannot make a decision.

fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com

Silken Dew, Midnight Silk and Aida are already taken!

Silken Huntress is grabbed!

rheffner5 - They will be almost solids, or with a little bit of color variation. No deliberate striping or tons of variegation because that will interfere with the patterns. So just a bit of color play to make the yarn interesting and to give the socks a bit of spark. Light or dark? Not yet determined. YarnYenta and I will work that all out. Does that help?


Heathwitch said...

Hi Ruth! Please could I snaffle Silken Dew and Silken Huntress? :) Thanks!

How pink is Silken Mahogany?

Henya said...

They ate unbelievable. That is it, I am going to put myself on the "second pair of hands transplant list" this is the only way I can knit faster.

rheffner5 said...

Do you know yet if the yarns in the new sock club will be striping or slowly grading from one color to the next, or even monochromatic


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