Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ta da! Yarns are up!

You can all relax now because here come the yarn pictures. You want? email me at
fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com.

All but 2 are Karen Cashmere: SW merino/cashmere/nylon. 80/10/10. 100 grams approx 430 yards. Softer than a baby's bottom.




Sarah's Sand:




These are the 2 Alexa yarns: 80/20 SW Merino/nylon. 115 grams, approx. 420 yards



Both reds shown are more in the blue-red range than in a tomato or fire red area, although they each have a touch of fire red. They are gorgeous reds, if I say so myself. A caveat about washing them: I rinsed each one at least 20 times. Trust me on that, and I think I got out just about all of the excess dye. You know all about red and washing it with white underwear. It's true. Red can bleed a lot. I don't think these 2 will do that, given that I rinsed until forever, but you never know. So, the first couple of times you wash these, please do them separately from the rest of the laundry. The amazing thing about all that rinsing, other than me getting dishpan hands, is that the yarns stayed vibrant and didn't lose any color. Red is a phenomenon all unto itself. But this red is wonderful.

Knitting news: I'm working away on writing up Fan Dance. I've also started a new shawl, this one out of Alexa, and I'm keeping very careful notes. All other projects are on hold because I have shawl mania, and it's not likely to go away either. I'm already planning the next one.

Zarah and Esmeralda are taken.

Jen - I've been knitting shawls forever, but I'm crazy about these little jobbies, and I'm more apt to wear them than my large lace yarn ones. I keep thinking I should give some of them as presents, but I like them too much to give them away.

Wodan is probably grabbed.


Jen said...

I have shawl mania so bad that I signed up fr Stefanie Japel's "Design Your Own Shawl" online class!

Love the new yarns too! So pretty. :)

itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Really beautiful yarn, you have out-done yourself this time! I am not a "red" person, but you are right those reds are nice!

It would be really great if you could do the "Flashback" reading challenge. Let me know!


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