Friday, December 4, 2009

The Yarnarian Blathers on.

I went to the gym! Yay me!

I've been giggling all morning over the comments about my facebook addiction. And some people, who will remain nameless, have discovered some new games (but not facebook games). Hee hee hee!

The Hubbo and I do a lot of laughing. Might as well. What? It beats major agita over stupid drivers and such. I figure we can laugh, get mad or cry. Most of the time, I just laugh. Things I can control, I get mad about. Things I can't, I laugh. Well, I don't laugh at global warming and Darfur and the Taliban and racial discrimination, but at the idiot who cuts me off on the road. I merrily give him the finger, wish dastardly consequences upon him, have a good rant, and then move on. At my age, I've learned to differentiate between really getting upset, and the stupid juice aggravation that propels all our lives. Let's face it, boys and girls, life is often absurd; laughter is the best answer.

Now how did I get on that topic? Blogging is a stream of consciousness moment for me. Some folks actually read my blather, some just click on and then off. It's sort of like a public diary, except that the real stuff is private, as it should be, given that anyone can read this blather.

I like the word blather.

OK, mini silliness of the day: This morning my tea escaped its little holder and ended up in my cup. I did try to read my tea leaves before I decanted the mess into another cup, but couldn't figure any of it out. So now I don't know my future.

Dyeing? Nope. I'm scaling back a bit. This is a very slow season for me; people buy yarn at their local yarn shops but not from little online indies like me. So instead of making myself crazy over yarn not selling, I'm going to do a bit less dyeing. Not to worry, though. I have to dye just for the enjoyment of it, so you know that yarns will appear, just not as many.

Knitting? Yep. I'm knitting a lot. Working on this adorable little triangle shawl from my new Gina yarn (50/50 merino/silk). This is such a wonderful yarn. I love the little silky sheen that it has. I don't have a lot of it because I'm just trying it out. But it's a winner. The rusty-colored ones are almost true to life, just darker and more mahogany-ish.

Of course it needs a good blocking, but you can get some of the idea of how it will look. The pattern is a bit different with decreases where you don't expect them to be, but easy enough to memorize. Now I need a name for it.

And now I'm going to the gym! So there!

Lamazeteacher - I will make it available, maybe even as a freebie for a while. It's that much fun.

Ruth in Ottawa - The yarn is even nicer in real life. You know I'm frugal (cheap), but this is one case where the cost is justified. It's that beautiful!

Jen - Yep, I'll make it available. My poor sock knitting is suffering because all I want to do is knit this and crochet!


lamazeteacher said...

The picture of the edging of your shawl in progress is so pretty. Is this a pattern that you have designed? If so, is it available to be purchased, or better yet, being offered out of the very, very goodness of your heart?

Happy exercising (is that an oxymoron?)!!

Ruth in Ottawa said...

I like "blathers", too. I first learned it from my Grade 11 math teacher (or "maths" as she insisted, because it's short for mathematics-with-an-s) who was very very Scottish. And an excellent teacher, although she had a double standard on handwriting, insisting ours had to be neat while her own was illegible...I'm blathering, aren't I? Your shawl is lovely and I'm guessing the silk/merino is unutterable beautiful.

Jen said...

I am so in love with that shawl! I can't wait to knit it! :)


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