Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Yarnarian is in a rut.

I'm in a funk these days. Bored, cranky, no energy. Yes, I know the solution, but get me to act on it is impossible. I need to exercise. I really need to do this, and I sit here on my bottom and play dopey Farmville, and such on Facebook. Help! I keep looking for rewards to give myself for going to the gym, but haven't come up with any. Help, yet again! I'm here, writing this. Do you think I could bestir myself, put on the gym clothes, and just do it? Nah, not me. This is bad, boys and girls, bad, bad, bad!

I need to get out of this house, and explore the universe. OK, get to a mall, go for a walk, something. If I were a joiner, I'd join a gazillion groups right now. But then, if I were a joiner, I'd already be in those groups, and looking for something else. I could use a little therapy, here. Shrinks, and you know who you are, get me out of the house. But, she said, I love being home. Yes, says the shrink, but you know that you really appreciate home if you get out of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, says I.

Grumble, grouse, complain. OK, now I feel better, but I'm still not dressed for the gym. All talk, and no action. sigh.

OK, but I did a bit of dyeing on Monday, and didn't show you the Rachel yarn I dyed. So here are 4 lovely skeins of yarn.

Dreams of Blue and Domain.

Firestorm and Hypnotize

Now aren't they pretty?

Blogs for you to check out: These are such pretty blogs that I had to bring them to your attention.

Attic24: This is the most charming crochet blog out there. I totally want to do everything that Lucy is doing. If this doesn't make you want to crochet, then nothing will.

Emma Lamb: Another charming shabby chic crochet blog. A different sensibility than Attic24, and just as lovely.

A nice bread blog for those of us who love baking bread: I like this no-knead method; it really works, really good bread!

And now I'm off to do something. I don't think it's the gym, however, it's more futzing around this place. I think I'll visit the Mommie. Or stay in my nightie and futz some more.

itsJUSTme-wendy - It is the biggest time waster out there, but it's so cute. I'm hooked. I need exercise, not farmville.

rheffner5 - See my answer on the original post a couple of posts ago.

KV and Holly - I have tears in my eyes from laughing! So, just to spite you, I'm going to the gym today. So there! Hah! She stamps her little foot and pouts, and goes downstairs to make breakfast.

Rudee - I tried spinning as in a wheel or a spindle, and it wasn't my thing. I wanted it to be my thing, but it laughed at me. So now I want to try weaving, but only when I go out of business. I'm so yarn obsessed that there has to be a limit here. Besides, the poor Hubbo is totally swamped with my yarny stuff. On the other hand, this is a man who has more flashlights than anyone alive.


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh No! Not Farmville!!!!!
My daughter was hooked on that. She just recently realized this and that she would have much more available time if she quit. So... she did, cold turkey! The yarn is gorgeous, as usual!

Holly said...

you might just want to get off Facebook for a while, put a neat audio book on the ear phones and head to the gym.

The gloating points alone make it well worth it.

Red, dear, want red.

kv said...

ah, but ruth, you know I'm not licensed in new jersey!!! as your friend, i just say get up, get out, get over it!

Rudee said...

Doesn't using a ball winder and swift count as exercise?

You could take up spinning if you already haven't. Every single time I tell someone I spin on Saturdays, they ask which gym. Uhmm...the yarn store's gym, of course.


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