Friday, December 18, 2009

The Yarnarian and another shawl

Please click on the pics to get a good idea of how pretty she is.

You know that the second I finish a shawl, I'm onto the next one. And so here is Nurit, a flower of a little shawl. She's made up of little flowers, and very easy, quite satisfying to knit. I have to do the charting and writing up, which you know I hate to do. But how can I share her with you without a good pattern?

She's knitted on Alexa, SW merino/nylon approx 420 yards, with a nice little ball of yarn leftover. The colorway I dyed is a soft mauve pink and is an almost solid, which is my favorite kind of colorway for a shawl.

I'm quite pleased with her. Nurit looked like a total mess as I was knitting her: blobby and lumpy, the usual with a lace shawl, but with a good wet block, she straightened her act out, and became quite pretty.

Have a lovely weekend! We're off to see the Brooklyn gang and then the Mommie's Chanukah party this weekend. Festivities, fun, and for the grands, some presents.

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