Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Yarnarian Has more yarn!

Well, of course I do! All in my NEW Penny yarn, which is wonderful, so stop resisting it. It comes from the UK, and is as lovely as the woolly UK can produce.

Blossom for the delicate Valentine in you or your favorite Princess:

Fall Creek Falls. I named this after I found this lovely picture of the falls. Quite accidental, but here it is. Gorgeous deep blues and perfect for fancy patterns because it's an almost solid.

Water Fall. OK, I couldn't come up with a more original name:

Spice. My favorite in the bunch. I can't seem to get past oranges in any form.

You want? email me at fritzl234 AT yahoo DOT com

Exercise news: Yes indeed! I'm back to the gym and truly enjoying it. For a non-athlete (me) all that treadmill walking and weight lifting makes me feel like a player. This is the only time in my entire life that I've ever felt like an athlete. Not that I am, of course. I'm so bad when it comes to athletics, but this I can do. And I feel good. Of course the knee is aching, but then it aches when I don't exercise either. So I might as well work up a sweat and feel mighty and powerful!

I've been motivated by watching the Biggest Loser, the only reality show I can watch. I figure that if these morbidly obese folks can exercise, than so can I, and I'm right in my correct weight zone. Yes, the show is repetitive, but watching these behemoths work off that weight and feel great and drop tons of their meds, I root for them nonstop, and I always feel bad for the person eliminated.

Have a lovely day. The sun is shining, and I'm off to do my thing.

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Henya said...

Lovely, lovely colors. My first sock using your cashmere bland is almost finished. A friend have seen it and asked for it, but it is mine, all mine!


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