Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Yarnarian Loves Tulips.


Based on pictures of real tulips, here is the Tulip Collection!

Abba Double:

Apricot Parrot:

Blue Moon:



Little Beauty:

New Design:

Weber's Parrot:

Aren't they lovely in the middle of winter? A hint of things to come. Hang in there; we are less than 2 months from spring.

baby face - I could probably do something like it. The orange part is made up of a couple of different colors, and neither color is orange. Isn't that neat? But I could probably come up with something pretty similar. You know my motto: there's always more yarn! Sorry that knitting is getting harder for you. There was a spell where my carpal tunnel really made me stop knitting and boy, did I miss it!

itsJUSTme-wendy - They really are irresistible, aren't they. I think it's because we've been wearing dark colors since the summer and we're mentally ready for spring. Don't forget that I have your brown and tan to mail out. Today or tomorrow, depending on how fast I work.

New Design and Weber's Parrot have been grabbed.

Abba Double and Blue Moon are grabbed.

Henya - I could do something sort of like it. "Sort of" because i mixed merrily away and have no idea what was combined with what.

Susie - Thank you. I had such a grand time doing them that I'm going to do some more this week.


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

Oh my gosh!!!! That yarn is gorgeous!!!!!! They do look just like tulips. hmmm, I 'm thinking. Can I afford another one right now? I'll get back to you.

baby face said...

I like the apricot parrot. Will
you dye more of the same color if
that one sells out? Still not
feeling very well and knitting is
getting hard. Still hopeful
though. Should buy just to look
at it, but I have too much stash.

Henya said...

Absolutely breathtaking!
Are you going to do a blue moon. or something moon-like again?

Susie said...

Gorgeous colors!


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