Monday, January 25, 2010

The Yarnarian is tired and is taking a break.

Wonder Yarnarian checking in here. So far today, in no order whatsoever, I finished the soup I started last night in the crock pot. (Split pea and I tossed in some tomatoes left from the pasta e fagioli I made earlier in the day.) Got dressed like a human being. Laundry. Finished the dishes. Had the township guy check the installation of the new water heater. Changed into my disgusting dyeing clothing. Dyed yarn, cooked yarn, cooled yarn. Waiting until it all is cool enough so that I can rinse and rinse and rinse. Did my PT exercises. Stripped the bed and am drying the sheets. Did my computer work.

Wonder Yarnarian!

I had such a grand time dyeing up my tulip yarns. Warning: lots of them are pastels, but then lots of pretty tulips are also pastels. And I needed lovely colors because it's raining and gloomy and generally awful outside. So the dyeing was a real treat. And because I love you all, I'm going to subject you to terrible pics, with the colors not really on target, just so you can believe me. Are you ready? Here goes. Don't even think about asking me for any of them yet. They're sopping wet, and will look quite different when dry.

And a lovely still life of the kitchen counter where it all is hanging out. No, I don't dye in the kitchen. I dye in the Dyeing Room, aka the laundry room. But I cook and rinse in the kitchen.

Here you see the respirator. The 2 little pieces of paper toweling on either side of the nose part? Those are my protection devices because the fool thing hurts my ears. The kitchen timer doing what it does best: timing. The little piece of paper in a lid: that reminds us that the mugs we bought this weekend at an estate sale can't be microwaved. The bottle of Tums for tummies. 2 cutting boards, and one tier of my steamer. Is this not exciting?

Dry yarn tomorrow, all for you!

Henya - Yes, you did see a little bit of purple. And there's a lovely violet/green jobbie now in the Etsy shop. Just enabling you. Tee hee.


itsJUSTme-wendy said...

I love split pea soup! LOL
The yarn looks great so far, nice colors! I may have to dip into my checking acct once again.

Henya said...

You are a Super Yarnarian! Love the colors. Did I see purple?


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