Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Yarnarian asks: Do you know what is coming tomorrow?

Can you guess? Ahem. Penny sock yarn dyed with inspiration from Hundertwasser. I had such a grand time doing these. They're bright and pretty and such fun. I'll give you some links to check while you're waiting for the yarn pics.

Green Town
Imagine Tomorrow's World
Hommage a Van Gogh
The Blob Grows in the Flower Pot
Memory of a Painting

That should keep you busy.


Anonymous said...

I will enjoy seeing how different your Hundertwasser yarns are from Opal Hundertwassers yarn. Isn't it interesting to see the way two artists can take the same inspiration in different directions?

Barbara M.

Angelika strickt said...

Hallo Ruth,
thanks for your nice comments in my blog.
Yes, I like special flowers, esp. peppers, rare tomato varieties.I also have a small garden, but it is much work and my bones ache for days when I try to dig in the soil. But so I'm forced not to sit in my room all day knitting....
I like your beautiful dyed wool.
Have a creative weekend


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