Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Yarnarian is Still Hooked!

Crazed Hooker Hooks Again!

This crazy crochet moment seems to be lasting a lot longer than a moment. It's consuming my little brain, and not much knitting is getting done.

Look what I picked up on Saturday at Kinokuniya (wonderful Japanese bookstore):

These all have the stitches charted out, no written instruction, which is just as well since I don't read Japanese. I'm learning how to read these, and it's really easier than full written instructions. I can do back and forth now, and next is figuring out how to do motifs.

Here's a book with both knitting and crochet patterns. It's gorgeous.

Crochet projects: These are my current madness. Yep, I have 2 lap blankies in process, but I'm just showing you the scarves.

And one lone shawl (not counting the lace one in progress):

I have no plans on writing this up as I'm inventing as I knit, and for once I really just want to knit it, not keep track of what I'm doing.

Ria - I went to the one in Nyack. sometimes I go into the city, but not this time.

Vaughnde - You are so right! Crochet is wonderful. It is, however, much harder on my body and my eyes. Different muscles, plus I can knit without looking at what I'm doing unless it's cables or such. Crochet I have to constantly look. But still, those incredible fabrics that you can do in crochet!!!

itsJUSTme - You are so right. I get lost in all the directions in written-out patterns, knit as well as crochet.


Vaughnde said...

Those are awesome and yes the patterns are easy to follow when they are sketched out! Crochet is so much FUN LOL! Enjoy yourself and I love the scarves you are doing...beautiful yarns!

Ria said...

Is it weird that I have no problems following a knitting pattern but get massively confused with a crochet pattern? ( pattern chart that is)

Did you go in to NYC or do they have a Kinokuniya in Nj now?

itsJUSTme said...

I have been crocheting for years, long before I knew how to knit! I really like using a chart for crocheting much better than a written pattern, to me its easier.


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