Monday, May 3, 2010

The Yarnarian Learns Patience.

Miss P's Shawlette

NOT. Etsy is having some sort of melt-down today, and I can't load up pictures. I am not a patient person. Needless to say, I'm grumbling a lot. I did go to the gym, and got those lovely endorphins flowing, so that helped. But Etsy, my Love, you need to get your act together today. Can't sell if I can't upload images.

There. Now that wasn't too bad of a rant. It was the endorphin factor. Boy was I irritated before I exercised.

It's working again! Yippee! Whew relief.

Project news: I finished it. Yep, you saw it last week, but now it's done and washed and happy, and I even wore it the other chilly day.

Miss P's shawl is finished and delivered, and she too has worn it in her usual 7 year old galumphy way. How many kids her age get a merino/silk shawlette designed and knit just for them? I hope it survives. But it was a lot of fun to do, and anyhow, I'm doing a much larger version of it in lace yarn. I'll do patterns for both at some point.

I would show you a pic of her wearing it, but I want my grands to have privacy, so trust me that she looked quite cute in it. We all went out to dinner to an Italian restaurant and she gave it to me to hold. Didn't want it to get tomato sauce on it.

We had a wonderful time in Minnesota as usual. DD took us to Northfield to wander around the shops and such. We love little town, especially college ones, and this one really appealed to us.

And now I'm going back to fight with Etsy some more. Hah! Dyeing tomorrow, I hope. I have some lovely inspiration to play with. If it works, I'll tell you. If not, I won't reveal my source. Heh heh.


Leedra said...

Very pretty, and I sure she looked great with it.

I get real upset when Etsy won't load pictures. What is really bad is when you get the whole listing finished and when you hit save it fails. I had that happen 3 times trying to post the same thing last month.

Henya said...

I am glad that Etsy has finally "relented". Do not we all panic and rant when the things go wrong there?
The shawlette is beautiful and unique, just like your grand daughter.


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