Friday, May 7, 2010

The Yarnarian is mocked!

It's 3:23 AM and I'm up. There's a mockingbird outside our window and it's going through it's entire repertoire. Somebody needs to tell it that it should take a nap. Fascinating songs, but it's pitch dark out and it's sleepy-bye time. Silly bird.

"The Northern Mockingbird, in addition to being a good mimic, is also one of the loudest and most constantly vocal of birds. It often sings through the night, especially unmated males, or when the moon is full. It sings year-round except sometimes for the late-summer molting season. Individual males have repertoires of 50 to 200 songs; females sing as well, but more quietly and less often than males. Mockingbirds usually sing the loudest in the twilight of the early morning when the sun is on the horizon." Wikipedia

Caryn - Yep, a woodpecker would be worse. Can you imagine the 2 of them in cahoots? Scary thought!

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Caryn said...

That would be better than listening to a male woodpecker banging off a sattelite dish while attempting to either:
1) attract a mate
2) announcing his dominance.
I don't mind on the weekdays as I need to be up for work, but on the weekends? Please...


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