Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Hubbo is THE Schmutzmeister!

He is amazing! I tell him what I want him to find at garage sales/thrift shops, etc, and he finds it. It's uncanny. Yesterday I mentioned that I would love a very inexpensive dressmaker form just to display shawls on, and just now he came home with Griselda. Her proportions are just a bit wonky, to be sure, but she has shoulders and a neck and boobs, and that's all I need.

She's modeling the shawl I designed for The Loopy Ewe's May sotm. By the way, I know the colors for that shawl are not everyone's taste, but the other day I flung it over a navy dress, and it was gorgeous! Which goes to prove that you never know where yarn will take you.

The Hubbo is having an effect on me, and now I'm finding treasures, too. I've wanted a head to display hats on because I look beyond awful in most hats, and voila!, I found this yesterday at a garage sale. Her name is Chloe, of course. And she's modeling my size 5-7 children's hat that I got (on sale, naturally) at Gymboree. The thing fits me perfectly, and I don't look like some ancient babuska wearing it.

The Hubbo clearly needs a reward for all his scouting around, and so I crocheted him a brand new Kippah, aka yarmulka, aka skull cap that Jews wear either all the time or in synagogue. He's of the synagogue only persuasion.

The pattern is based on the most charming crochet motif I've ever seen: the African Flower pattern.

Take a look at all the variations! And here's a blog entry with great pics and instructions. Thank you, Elizabeth Cat!

I turned it into kippah size by adding a couple of rounds with the normal increases, and then a round of sc with no increases to make it cup slightly. I want a kippah, not a frisbee, although we have found that it makes a great frisbee, too!

Scrabblequeen - I used Mandarin Petite yarn and worked a couple of rows extra in dc and did the corner increases. then I ended by doing a round of sc without the increases, and it cups very nicely on his head.

andrea - This variation of the yarn is much brighter than the pics show, and I was of 2 minds with it, but put the shawl on top of navy, and it just sings.

merrilymarylee - There is no hope for a Schmutzmeister. None. It's in their blood. Plus, a truly great Schmutzmeister has to be an engineer, and want to buy weird and bizarre thingabobbies just to see how they work. I know this. Believe me I know this. They tend to like certain objects and will buy them over and over. I believe that we might have the country's largest collection of useless cameras and flashlights. Plus, if he can't find enough flashlights in his foraging, then he orders them from Hong Kong. Think I'm kidding? Sadly, no. There is no hope for you husband. Trust me.
He does take orders for junk, and loves getting them because this way he has a goal. I suppose if you were looking for something and were willing to pay postage, he'd look for you. I keep telling him that, when he retires (from a real job), that he should open the Little Junk Shop at the End of the Line.


Scrabblequeen said...

OOooo, the kippah! What yarn did you use? I may have to pick up a hook and figure this one out. Like you models, too. I have had the luck for finding any for myself.

andrea said...

I love yellow and blue anything! I think your shawl is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with hubbo's sleuthing skills. Does he take orders from strange bloggers? My husband hyperventilates at a Garage Sale sign. Has yours always been a garage sale affectionado or is there still hope at our house?

Love your hat and his Kippah!

Isaac said...

It looks like your hubby sure has a knack for finding stuff in yard sales. Are you ever sorry about getting something? Not because the price or because it is not nice, but rather because you cannot find the right use for it? You can list it for sale online on - it's totally free. No fees, no commissions - you keep all the money.


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