Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Yarnarian loves lace yarn!

This yarn is irresistible. I know, because I dye it and touch it and admire it and knit with it. I'm talking about my Carrie yarn: 80/20 merino/silk, approx 1300 yards, and wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I really mean wonderful! As in: you don't need to knit with it; just drape it around your neck. It's that soft and delicious. $34/skein.

Yep, these are variegated yarns, BUT the values in each one are pretty close and the yarns will knit up as almost solids with a sparkle to them.

Adobe. This looks like a sun-kissed southwest moment, and will work up as an almost solid yarn.

Calm. A gentle pale green combination that will work up as an almost solid.

Soft Clay. A wonderful neutral yarn with a truly unusual colorway.

Sweet Love. More beautiful in person than you can imagine!

Gentle. Just what the name implies: a soft, gentle touch.

Tender Love. Beyond lovely!

And 2 yarns that I haven't dyed since a year ago. I found them in my pile of odd and end yarns and remembered how much I love knitting with them. These are Judith yarns: 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/silk 125 grams and 800+ yards. The yarn is a 3-ply light fingering weight, and perfect for lace. A bit heavier than Carrie, but lighter than my sock yarns. And that yardage can't be beat. $35/skein!

The first one is Blush, and I'm just showing it to you. I think my dearest friend (for whom the yarn is named) wants it. But just in case she doesn't, then it's up for grabs.

And this one is Cool Breeze, and it looks just like what you would imagine a cool breeze would be.

You want before I list on Etsy? email me at
fritzL234 AT yahoo DOT com


Bev said...

Love the new colors!! Cool Breeze is calling my name. Bill me Thanks

Henya said...

You know, I am afraid to open your blog! The colors are magical! I need two more pairs of hands to knit up all I want to.
If they are still available I would love Sweet Love and Blush, Please invoice me for them and the other ones you were holding for me.


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