Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Summer Solstice!

Today's dyeing inspiration: Moo!

tsJUSTme - Moos like you can't imagine. Minnie the MOOcher, Bullish, Grazing Moos..... I might even change the names. I had such fun doing this. Who knows if any of them will sell. I hope so, but I had a grand time playing with moos.

Sharon - They are going to surprise you. Some are obvious, but others are not. I think they belong in the "interesting" category, although I do like them. tee hee, yet again!

Henya - Mostly they are confused.


itsJUSTme said...

Moo??? Black and white with a little bit of pink (LOL)? tan with big brown eyes? scary yarn!

Sharon said...

Oh, I am so in the mooood for these. ~g~

Henya said...

Are they milcick or fleishick? 8-) Can not wait to see them.

Malinda said...

These are awesome! A couple are perfect "man" colors :)


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