Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happiness is air conditioning!

Ah, Air Conditioning!

I love it when people say that they don't believe in air conditioning. We would get customers like that all the time in my library days. They'd come into the library and stay for a long time. Then, on the way out, they would dramatically sigh and complain about the heat. So, me, being a kindly soul, would ask them if they had AC at home. "Oh, NO! We don't believe in air conditioning!" What I didn't say, being somewhat nice, was: "So, if you don't believe in AC, why are you in the library?" I didn't even roll my eyes. It seems to me that if you don't believe in AC, then you should avoid it like the plague. But I didn't say that, 'cause I am a kindly, gentle, lady-like person.

We're heading towards 96 today, which is a far sight better than yesterday's 102. And in the spirit of total optimism, I dyed woolly yarn yesterday. The yarn is my new Bambi, 80/20 SW merino/bamboo, so it's not all wool, but still. The basement, AKA my dyeing studio, was relatively cool yesterday morning, so I did my thing, and after it cooked, I let it dry out in the heat. I guess that temp is good for something.

So here we are, and the colors are really very very nice.

Berry Buckle







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I'm going to make myself some iced tea and have a bit of lunch. What else can you do in this heat? Just relax, enjoy the AC (and no, I don't keep the house cold, but yes, I use it), and think of January. In 6 months, we'll all be complaining about the cold. So it goes.

Jen - Thanks. I had a good time dyeing them.

Scrabblequeen - I think you're correct. I often wonder if the same people who don't believe in AC, don't believe in heat in the winter.

itsJUSTme - I knew someone who bought a car without AC, but had the open sun roof. She bought it in winter, and then regretted it in summer!


Scrabblequeen said...

Humph, yes...I know some folks like that, who wouldn't PAY for AC, but they liked it when they could get it for free. Iced tea sounds I go.

Jen said...

Love the new yarns. So pretty, as always.

itsJUSTme said...

I would never, NEVER get a car without AC! That is a must! We do not have AC in our house, but we have a big old Victorian house and it stays pretty cool. The one time I do wish for it is in our bedroom for sleeping! I do not like to sleep when it is hot.


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