Monday, July 12, 2010

The Yarnarian is busy as a bee.

The Linus Blankie

I'm not sure exactly how busy a bee is, but that's how busy I am going to be today. What's on tap for today is lots of work, but mostly enjoyable, so that's good.

I do best when I have a WOTFT day; I seem to like a certain amount of organization. You'd think that at this stage of my life, I'd have it all together. Not. But anyhow, today is a good day!

1. Dyeing up the yarn for July's sotm. This is gorgeous yarn and gorgeous colorway, and I'll do an extra yarn for me, or if one turns out weird, which sometimes happens.

2. It would be nice if I mailed out my packages. My poor customers know that I'm beyond slow here, but when I actually get it together, then I'm good to go.

3. Work on the mystery project. I got the yarn a couple of weeks past when I thought I would get it, so now I'm hustling. I can't work as quickly as in my youth. Crummy hands and wrists, but I'm making good headway, and ought to get a good chunk done.

4. Write up the pattern for the mystery project. OK, this is stretching things a bit. I have given up on doing a lot every day. I'm in some sort of retirement mode, here, you know. On the other hand, I could do the charts; they are pretty easy this time. I love charts that do not show how the pattern will look. All the increases and decreases and such are in the proper place, but you actually have to knit it up to see the effect of those stitches.

I might even make a decent supper. Nah. That's going too far.

Yesterday the Hubbo and I went to New Hope, PA. We go every once in a while, but haven't been in probably a year. We tend to get sidetracked at Stockton, or Lambertville, or such, but this time we actually made it. The entire population of NJ and PA, plus a bunch of New Yorkers were there. Crazy busy, but we got a good parking spot in the shade, and had a very nice lunch. We browsed through some wonderful gift shops, where I mentally made at least 20 wish lists, none of which will actually happen. But still...

Sometimes I wish we had a 10 room house. Then I could decorate each room differently, but the fact is that we don't decorate. I'd like to, but the Hubbo is so not into it, and gets cheap on me, and frankly, I don't have the energy to fight him on it. I know this is wimpy of me, but I'd rather fight other battles. Unfortunately the result is that I don't much care what things look like, and that is really not me underneath it all. When we moved here, I had grand ideas, none of which have worked out, except that I did get a very nice kitchen. But otherwise, the house looks confused and not put together, and because I've stopped caring, it's also gotten beyond sloppy. Not good. One of these years......

Well, I did finish a project. One that I started maybe last April: yet another of my crochet scarves.

Do you recognize the pattern? It's the same one as the den blankie, which is about half done. Very very relaxing to do, pretty much mindless, and it was a great travel project.

The Linus Blankie is coming along nicely. This might be my favorite crochet blankie stitch. It really is so auto-pilot and soothing to do. I may have to buy more yarn, and it may not be the same dye-lot, but it won't matter here since the colors are all separated from each other.

OK, I have work to do. The yarn has been soaking for a good long time, and it's now ready for some dyeing. Needless to say, there won't be pics of it tomorrow. We have to keep those sotm folks surprised.

KV - It just isn't worth the energy, or is it? I don't know. Living in beauty used to mean a great deal to me. It still does but I'm just not into major battles any more. Ah the wimp in me.

DJNL - I think it must bother me a lot underneath it all because last night I dreamed that we lived in a beautifully decorated house. Hah. Ah well, I would rather knit or crochet or whatever anyhow, so I'm with you. Life is too short to worry about such things. Or is it?


kv said...

just keep pouring that aesthetic energy into your yarns.....i know what that fight about decorating is like.....just had one yesterday, hahaha

DJNL said...

Nice to hear someone else say what I have been feeling for months house is a mess but I really don't care anymore and I used to be so particular. Oh, well, I would rather be knitting or spinning or reading.


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