Monday, July 19, 2010


I have such a long long list of WOTFT, and I need to do it all. Growl. And, there's nothing fun about any of it. Piffle.

I told the Hubbo yesterday that I want to go on vacation every month for a week, and I don't want any responsibility. Period. He snorted. Piffle.

My house is going to be condemned because of all my yarny mess, but I like being surrounded by all that goodness, and at the same time, I crave order. Piffle.

Oh, piffle upon piffle.

Gotta go and do those things to be done. PIFFLE!

Isn't piffle a grand word?

andrea - I'm glad you like it. Piffle upon those who don't.

Scrabblequeen - And to be able to afford it.....Yes! And these would not be staycations, either. We go away, right?


andrea said...

Going to use "piffle" as my word of the day. I love it!

Scrabblequeen said...

A week of vacation every month sounds good to me! Piffle on those who don't agree.


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