Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Yarnarian is trying to be organized. HAH!

What's On Tap for Today!

Wotft (what's on tap for today): bank (as in I'm walking around with $7!); visit the Mommie and bring her her nice clean clothing (poor woman is down to not much); post office (sigh); butcher (I need ground meat for the 4th of July barbecue and also some chicken); and, if I have time: the Farmers' Market!

Exactly how much will I actually accomplish? Who knows. Oh, and I may bake bread today also. It's cool and I need to bake while the temps are low because we're heading into the 90's again.

Projects: I worked on the den blankie as usual. This thing is getting heavy and big. It's going to be the perfect cuddle blankie when I'm done with it.

More work on the Project Linus blankie. I think I'm going to have fun playing with blankies for this group. Small sizes, and I get to experiment. No wool at all, so I'm using nylon and acrylic. The trick is to find it in DK weight. Snuggly yarn is perfect for this. It all has to be machine washable and no wool, but Snuggly is soft and pretty.

And a bit of blankie knitting. I have ideas for this one. Big ideas. If they work, then I'm going to do some sort of wonderful adult something-or-other with it. Anyhow, here is the very beginning of the project. Snuggly yarn and size 6 knitting needle (I think. I just grabbed something and it seems to work)

OK, I have objectives to accomplish. Off to do them. (I'd rather knit and crochet.)

itsJUSTme - It used to work. Now to get it in gear again. That's hard for me.

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itsJUSTme said...

I like that - Wotft, that's good.


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