Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pretty new bamboo/merino yarns tomorrow!

Did you have a nice weekend? We had such a lovely one. Saturday we trooped into Manhattan to see my niece's art at her first gallery showing. She's mighty talented. The show's over, otherwise I'd give you the address. Well, it was on 21 Ludlow, down in the Canal Street area.

We met my sister, the artist's boyfriend's mom and her daughter and friend, and elder DD. Chatted non-stop. The poor Hubbo was totally outnumbered. Poor guy. Had a nice lunch and then went on our separate ways. We got into the city early, so first we went to Kinokuniya, where I got yet another crochet book. That store is very dangerous to knitters and crocheters and all sorts of crafty people.

Sun, we did the Fourth of July barbecue thing with our dearest friends and elder DD. Great food and company, and we have leftovers. Yes!

And yesterday we futzed around and went out for lunch. We found a Ruby Tuesdays, and we were soooo smart. Before they seated us, I asked for the nutritional info on the dishes. That's my new tactic for chain restaurants. Am I glad I asked, too! You cannot imagine the amount of sodium these dishes have! Some of them had way over 3000 mg of sodium. Nobody needs that, nobody. It's totally unhealthy! I settled on an appetizer and added the salad bar, and that worked very well. My dish was pretty reasonable in calories, fat, and salt, and the salad bar was great with fresh veggies and stuff. And I didn't starve, and wasn't deprived.

Off to hang out the skeins to dry in the heat. We've hit 100 degrees now. Blech.

Pretty yarns tomorrow.

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Scrabblequeen said...

Yes, I agree that restaurants, in general, have way too much sodium in their food. It was nice that Scotland doesn't have the same issues...not too salty, or two sweet!


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