Friday, October 30, 2015


I've got my sweater knitting mojo back.  It vanished last March, but arrived yesterday with a vengeance.  This is a swatch for a sweater for DD#2, she who lives in the frozen northland.  The color of the second pic is closer to the actual yarn.  Sport wt yarn with a #5 needle.  As usual, it will be knit in the round and will be a bit tighter in gauge than the swatch since I knit tighter in the round.  I can still extrapolate the number of stitches needed because I'm very experienced in this.  I don't think I'll use ribbing because I love that wavy edge.  Maybe a couple of rounds of garter to stabilize it.  Neck?  Way too soon to decide.  Long sleeves picked up and knitted from the armholes, with the pattern turned upside down (if I need to do that.)

Socks, of course, are always on needles.  I don't even bother to show them since I just do them automatically.  Total mindless knitting.
And, because the EPP mojo is also still with me, here is the central hexie of rosette #2.

And the first hexie of round 2.  This one will repeat all the way around the central hexie.

And how they will look sewn together.


Ramona said...

Your yarn color and the design for your sweater are gorgeous. So let me get this straight... you are designing this sweater as you go? I am impressed!

Dar said...

Very interesting pattern on your sweater. You MUST be very experience to be knitting a sweater with no pattern. What a talented lady you are! Will be looking forward to seeing it develop as you go.


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