Friday, October 9, 2015

The Castle Wall flimsy is done!

Whoo hoo!  I just finished sewing together the flimsy.  There will be a 1-2" border all around (and then I'll remove the remaining papers along the edges), and then the usual quilty stuff and the binding.  I don't know yet how I'll tie it all together.  Maybe a bit of outline stitches or maybe tying it or possibly even using cross stitch to hold it all together.

I took out one block that I knew wasn't going to look good.  I knew this from the get-go, but sometimes I have to convince myself.  This is the one that I removed.  I t has all the elements of a lot of the blocks, but that red spoke area just was awful with the rest of the quilt.  I'll use it for playing around with the border as well as whatever quilting method I choose.

Here's the one that replaced it.  Much better, I think.

I do love English paper piecing.  Yes, it is very time-consuming, but mindlessly working on it while listening to NPR is a delight.  Now I'm pulling fabrics together for Katja Marek's Hexagon Millefiore quilt.


C. Heinrichs Good Earth Quilting said...

Totally beautiful, I was thinking about Katje's quilt along, but found that writing my book took priority. This is really eye candy!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Castle Wall and Flimsy - an odd juxtaposition of words. It's beautiful, as is the extra block. I think it would be a lovely companion cushion, and what made it not work as a part of the quilt, would then be a nice contrast.

Sarah said...

Your flumsy looks fantastic. Could your spare block be the quilt label? I started Katja's quilt but set it aside to finish some UFOs for 2 trunk shows this month. I'm looking forward to finally getting back to it!

Carolyn Blakelock said...



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