Thursday, October 22, 2015

Millefiori again

And again.  This will go on forever!  Here's the first rosette with one more round to go.

The next round consists of 18 hexies, with 12 of one kind and 6 of the other - a total of 108 pieces. 

The one on the left occurs 6 times, and the other, 12 times.

Now I'm beginning to think about the next rosette.  Maybe colors of rose and yellow and green?  Sort of like those Cape Cod roses that hang over wooden fences. 

Here's the back story of this quilt.  We've been going to the Cape for about 19 years, so we know it very well.  We rarely do tourist stuff, but this year we did a tour of an organic cranberry farm.  Very interesting, and no, nobody stands in the middle of a bunch of cranberries in a bog.  Last year we found the library in Provincetown.  Being a retired librarian, I love going into all sorts of libraries, but this one is special.  The library is built around a half-scale model of a Portuguese sailing ship. 

So I thought this quilt would represent all the Cape loveliness that we like so much.  Coastal colors, roses and other flowers, sunrise and sunset, scrubby trees.  You get the picture.


Sarah said...

Love the story about your Cape Cod adventures! It will make the quilt that much more memorable. The library built around the ship model would be a sight to see! I love my local library. The original portion is brick and stone on the outside with a very regal entry with columns. We hold our library board meetings (I'm secretary) in the basement with it's arched brick ceilings. The new section is more modern but makes a great open space for the kids activities and movie night.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Visiting from Slow Stitching Sunday. Those memories will make a lovely quilt.

Jennifer said...

Your colors are beautiful I didn't think I'd ever finish Rosette 1, but finally did on Friday of this past week. It does go on forever. I'm anxious to move on to the next one which is going to be Rosette 9 for me as 2 doesn't attached to 1. Enjoy your stitching.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be a spectacular quilt when it is finished

Anonymous said...

Your Millefiori has pretty colors and a nice pattern. I admiring all you start this EPP pattern.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors and such a great memory every time you see this block! I also love libraries, I know what you mean!


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