Sunday, October 18, 2015


This is the first rosette from the Millefiori Quilt based on Katja Marek's book - The New hexagon - 52 blocks to English paper piece.

I wanted to work on it last week while we were on Cape Cod, and so I chose a sort of sea shell/coastal theme.  This is all worked in English paper piecing, so pretty mindless except when you join the points together.  Then you have to pay a bit of attention. Sometimes my points are perfect or almost so, other times not.  Doesn't much matter to me since I'm interested in the overall look and the interactions of the colors and patterns.

The hexagons, AKA hexies, are about 3" and some of these hexies have 6 pieces (the center shell one) and others have 5 pieces.  The next round will have hexies of 6 pieces.  Needless to say, this takes time, but you can watch TV or listen to the radio and just motor along.  I find that EPP is perfect for places where the light is not great, e.g. our inn on the Cape.  I certainly couldn't embroider in dim light, and even knitting is not easy, but basting shapes or whip stitching is fine.

I think there are 12 rosettes in the entire quilt, with this one being the largest.  I'm not sure about the colorways that I'll use for the others.  I do have some lovely purple/aqua fabrics for someplace.  I'll figure it out when I finish this one.

I began this one on Oct.9, 2015.  I wonder when I'll finish it.


Sarah said...

Love your coastal theme - especially the sea shells. I'm a sea shell picker from a long way back!! When I lived in Miami I would get up before dawn to go beach combing and watch the sunrise. One of the few things I miss about Miami. There is no beach here is Western NY!!

Can't wait to see how you do your next block!

~Kris~ said...

This is really lovely and looks so intricate. Love to see more.


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