Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sale Day is Here, Today!! 9-9 East Coast Time!!

Ta da, my first ever sale! Such excitement. Now I'm sitting here, figuratively biting my nails and waiting for 9 AM to see if people are buying. Is this idiocy or what?

Have you noticed a fall nip in the air? Yesterday the house never got about 65 degrees, and that was late in the day. Most of the day it was 63. Chilly. Did we put the heat on? Us, the great mingy ones? Are you talking about the Hubbo and me?


I have this idiot thing in my head about no heat until Oct. 15. I've never yet made it to Oct. 15, but still I try. So we layer and layer and pretty soon we look like Michelin men.

Yesterday we did the thrift shop thing, and I found a stunning little sweater of 80% silk/20% cashmere for $5!! In my size. In perfect condition. What a bargain. You have to understand that I get snobby about my clothing, so I've been resisting the thrift shop thing forever. Ahem, I was wrong. Shock! Amazement! I was wrong. Me, the perfect one. You can find some of the loveliest clothing in really nice thrift shops.

Off to do my thing. I may post later on today, depending on cameras and photographs and such.


Ria and Jen - Yay, you all! I'll mail out tomorrow, I hope. Thank you for buying. The Hubbo thanks you because now he doesn't have to listen to me worry. And now I can dye more goodies. Like I need an excuse.


Ria said...

I bought 2 sock yarns! Can't wait to get them. Hope to meet you at Mara's soon.

I put off the heat because I love cold! Currently my husband and daughter are miffed at me because when they wake up the hall window is open and they say if i want it open I should close it when I leave the house at 3:30 am.

ria (tonyfan4ever on Ravelry)

jen said...

I just bough 2 sock yarns as well!
I love your patterns, and now I can't wait to try your yarn.
jen (ifeelhappy on ravelry)


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