Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update on KAL

Update: Blogger will NOT let me upload my graphs, so initially this will be instructions only. Bad point - No graphs until we're finished; good point - this will be a complete surprise. However, I might just be able to load up PDF files onto Ravelry as we go along, and those would have the graphs. And the final pattern will be a full PDF and available on Ravelry. I'll post all this info as I we go along.

That was a surprise for me. Sigh.

Yay, helpers and suggestions! What would I do without all of you? I'm going to try out some of the ideas tomorrow. Today, I rest!


kv said...

sorry you're having technical difficulties, but sounds like all will get resolved. did you get to rhinebeck?

Ria said...

written instructions definitely better for me anyway!

Lynn said...

Perhaps you could use Flickr. Then just put a link on your blog

Linda said...

Maybe take a photo of the graphs, or scan them? Upload them as a JPEG? Or is that what you tried to do and I am, once again, showing my naivete?

cici said...

np.. i'm not a chart person so much. i am sure things will work out.


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